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Pink Decor, The Adult Way To Do It, by Shine Rugs

Pink Decor: The Adult Way To Do It

Pink is tricky. Is the color that you either love or hate.
I love how pink rooms are created by using the right balance of the chosen shade of pink + a group of neutral tones to bring it down to Earth and keep it gamorous.

Decorating with Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

Decorating with Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

When choosing the right decor for your home there are a few things to take under consideration. While the choice of a rug is just one behind the design of the room, it often serves as a great gateway to the rest of the decor.

Inspiration: Taupe Patchwork Cowhide Rug by Shine Rugs

Inspiration: Taupe Decor and Patch Cow Hide Rugs

Taupe is THE color. I’m obsessed with how good it looks everywhere, how soft and warm it is and still does not look overly sweet. It’s a tone that covers all your plans: if you’re a gray lover, taupe will not disapoint with its warmth.

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