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Tips & Tricks: Decorating A Small Space

Decorating Small Spaces

Tips & Tricks: Decorating A Small Space

A small space can be cozy, calm and comfortable. But there are some simple rules to follow when you’re not living the grand square foot life.

There are many tricks out there on how to maximize your space, but using only a few will help you make the best out of your small room.

Be Smart With Your Tones

Choosing a limited color scheme will help smooth all the surfaces and relax the eye for a more spacious feeling.

So just pick a small palette, and stick to it.


Reflection Is Key

Mirrors will give your space the magic feeling of some extra square feet, while also reflecting a lot of light. And yes, you need that extra light!

You can go for a statement mirror or just a few small ones to create the effect of a bigger room.

Tag & Tibby

Storage, Storage, Storage

You’ll need it. To keep your room simple, tidy and organized you’ll need to invest in some nice storage solutions.

If your space already comes with built-in storage, give yourself a high-five. But if it doesn’t, there are many different options and they will all definitely serve you well!

Keep it clean and simple. Use every inch at your disposal, for example: you could add drawers under the bed, or add a few shelves to your bathroom.

Galvanized Storage Cart
Keep it clean and simple

Make It Count

Going for multipurpose furniture will help you turn that living room into an office, an extra bed or a study nook.

Your best option is to choose the right furniture for each spot, always keeping in mind you will be spending a lot of time in one room, using it for more than one situation.

That nice coffe table could double as extra sitting, or a dining table might transform into a small home office in a minute

A coffee table that can double as an ottoman

Bring The Outside In

A great idea when dealing with a constricted space is to elongate your space by opening your windows and bringing in the outside world.

Curtains can add a dramatic effect, but an open window will allow you to enjoy a lot of natural light together with brightening and broadening your space.

If you have a balcony or a garden, there are many ways in which you can incorporate the outside world with your space.

For example, if you’re dealing with a small balcony, our friends at Redfin have a ton of ideas on how to make it work: Small Apartment Balcony Ideas: 11 Tips for These Tiny Spaces

Small balconies

Limit Your Room, Not Yourself

Adding a big area rug to your small space will give the illusion of a bigger space.

Keep your rug neutral and soft, as this will help reflect the light and give you a more airy feeling.

Giving texture to your floors with a Patchwrok Cowhide Rug will add to your tailored finish, and always remeber: hair shines and reflects a lot of light.




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