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Leather Area Rugs – Design Ideas, Sizes and Colors

Custom Squares Patchwork Cowhide Rug

Leather Area Rugs – Design Ideas, Sizes and Colors

We usually find our clients need some guidance when choosing the ideal patchwork cowhide area rug which will suit their style, needs and taste.

When this happens, we try to give them the best possible assistance and put our whole experience at their feet (pun intended!). Over the past few years we have helped designers and clients choose the best option for their space, and this is a bit of what we’ve learnt along the way regarding sizes and color…

Size matters!

When choosing a new leather area rug you have to take into consideration a few important points. One of the most important points is the size.

How should you choose the size of your leather area rug?

When measuring your room for the ideal rug you’ll have to make a big decision: is the rug going under the furniture or not?

The classic choice will always be: go under it! It will always look classy, elegant and will always look good.

If you are working with a huge space or want to set a special space, your rug will do that for you. So in this case, you should have all the furniture “inside” the rug.

When working with average sized rooms, your best choice will be to have just the front legs of your furniture over the rug, without exaggerating.

Well, then when is it correct to have the rug completely separate from your furniture, you ask… The answer is simple. Your leather area rug shouldn’t touch the rest of your furniture when you’ll be treating each piece of furniture as unique and individually apart from each other.

Let’s say you have a patchwork cowhide rug customized to your liking and it’s very special (it has a border with a different color from the rest of the leather area rug, or there’s some kind of design / drawing going on within the pattern, or you get it as a statement piece… Then you are going to have to give it the importance it deserves.

All in all, it’s not the common rule to have your leather area rug not touching the rest of your furniture. Every style of decor usually uses area rugs to delimit certain spaces and separate one room from the other.

As always, it’s a matter of what you like and what you don’t. A leather area rug that goes all the way under your sofa, coffee table and armchairs for example, is the classic, modern and still contemporary way to go, but it will always depend whether you like the look of it, or not!

Gray Custom Patchwork Cowhide Rug
Gray Custom Patchwork Cowhide Rug

Color Me Bad

We often get asked about this subject. Should my leather area rug completely match the color of my furniture / floor / walls?

It’s not easy to find the perfect balance between tones, but when you have a style in mind, it’s not hard to do! The secret is to always be open to a little change and let new things surprise your usual taste.

I’d say that if you have white floors, white couches and white walls, a white rug is not the way to go. In this particular case (which sounds so lab-like, but it’s a very common look), we would always recommend using some soft, warm tones.

Depending on the style of your furniture, you could go with a beige rug, or even a grey patchwork cowhide rug will do the trick. The idea is to always lift up the room and make it look warm and finished.

Some designers have a great color scheme to work with and they will be open to using more color, as the Hacienda Chic girls did on this particular living room:

Round Patchwork Cowhide Rug in Blue Moorish Star

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