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How To Style Your Cowhide Rug This Year

Zebra Printed Cowhide Rug

How To Style Your Cowhide Rug This Year

I’ve been in love with cowhide rugs for such a long time. At times I thought it would go away and feel like a passing fashion, but it’s inevitable, the love is there, the look is wonderful. Like a classic movie or a beloved book, I can’t get over this one love.

The classic shape of these rugs can give a room lots of edge. Moving them around until you find the perfect placement is and will always be a must, as they usually will have more than one angle that looks great and better and even better than the last one!

This look has been around for many years, and this 2017 is not the exception. They are still going and growing strong!

(Find credit for the pics at the bottom of the post!)

Cowhide area rug in a clear living room
A white and brown spotted cowhide area rug gives texture to a crisp-wall, neutral living room
Cowhide rug in a bright bedroom with a four-post bed
A great example! For this bedroom the cowhide rug matches the tones of the bed and furniture, but the real secret here is the angled placement. Cool, swanky, and stylish!
Gray cowhide rug in a neutral and blush bedroom
Beautiful bedroom in neutral and blush tones. The angled cowhide rug adds texture and a pop of brightness to the dark floor
Gray cowhide rug in a smal, relaxed living room
A white and gray cowhide rug gives tons of texture to a living room with a basic, neutral floor. The light tones of the fabrics, the white walls and touches of gold and pink are a perfect match between each other and complement the leather area rug in a wonderful way.
Cowhide rug in a classic, trnaquil living room
A classic home can come to life with a cowhide rug. Need any proof? Take a look at this living room: the mix of leather, hide, leaves and wood makes up for an excellent and relaxed mood.
Cowhide rug in a tall ceiling, white, modern bedroom
This clear cowhide rug ties the room together by bringing some of the brightness from the walls and rall ceilings to the wooden floors.

Photo credit: pop sugar, lindsay marcella, mamamia, the life creative, carley page, sfgirlbybay




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