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Lagom: When Just The Right Amount Is Enough

Decor style trend: Lagom

Lagom: When Just The Right Amount Is Enough

We’ve had Hygge, we’ve had Lykke, and now we have the sweedish term “Lagom”.

And what exactly does Lagom mean? Well, I feel it somehow intersects with the “Less is more” mantra, but this one goes for the right equilibrium between too little and too much: just the right amount.

Lagom meaning
Just Right

I’m so eager to see more, I’ve made a selection of the best examples of lagom available!

The basics are:

  • Let natural light in
  • Bring nature into your home
  • Give objects some space to breathe
  • Go with light wall colors
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter!
  • Get rid of carpets and bring in some rugs
  • Mix decor styles: vintage, contemporary, modern, rustic
Lagom style bathroom
Just perfect, balanced and sweet
lagom decor style by Shine Rugs
Simple, elegant small details
Details of lagom decor style by Shine Rugs
Bring small pieces of nature without exaggerating
Lagom style decor living room
Define a color pallete and really get into it!
Lagom style decor luminous living room
Let bright natural light in!




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