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15 Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Chevron Rugs

15 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Chevron Rugs

15 Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Chevron Rugs

When choosing an area rug for your living room, Chevron is THE pattern. It’s always modern, but at the same time it never goes out of style. It has the great ability to bring directionality to a room, so you can lead the eye towards a window or a specific piece of furniture to make a big statement.

It’s a great way to give movement and add texture to a space without being too overwhelming, and depending on the look you’re going for it can be a big conversation starter or just a subtle way to add a decor detail to your home.

Here are 15 Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Chevron Rugs, from tufted rugs, to woven rugs, to tile cowhide rugs, there are many options for every style and budget:


Simple, subtle gray and cream Chevron pattern, hand loomed, 100% cotton area rug from Paynes Gray
Big Chevron Kenya Area Rug
Hand-tufted one-way Chevron Inspired by afghan throws crocheted by hand in Kenya, by Froy
Crazy awesome tufted area rug. The huge Chevron design makes it super modern and bold! Via Pinterest
Black Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug in sunny living room
A Pure Black Chevron Cowhide Rug can really define a space while reflecting lots of light.
Shine Rugs Wheat Beige Chevron Rug
An almost plain Wheat Custom Chevron Rug made using only the highest quality hides available. Soft, warm and inviting.
Taupe and cream Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug in sunny living room
See how the Taupe tones of this Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug make the whole room bigger and stops the dark wooden floors from being too heavy on the eye?
Blue and white Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug Video
Classic distribution, with a twist: Blue and White Chevron Patch Cowhide Rug
Blue and white cowhide patchwork rug in a chevron design in a cozy living room
A pop of blue that can brighten up a room in just seconds!
White and Gray Custom Patchwork Cowhide Chevron Area Rug
A new classic: White and Grey Chevron Rug in natural cowhide
An area rug that boasts a chevron-inspired pattern with modern geometric detail by Meadow Blu
White chevron cowhide patchwork rug with table
White natural hair is always beautiful and shiny. It reflects lots of light and gives texture in a calm way. This White Chevron Rug is made using white cowhides to create a unique and soft look
Corner view of a gray cowhide patchwork rug in a chevron design with a wooden chair on
You can’t really beat a classic: Light Gray Chevron Patchwork Cohide Rug. Always unique, always a winner! It sits perfectly with any kind of decor, and the Chevron pattern gives you a stylish and timeless look, without being too classic and formal!
Husky puppy on Herringbone patchwork cowhide rug
Another view of a Gray Chevron Rug, and the sweetes puppy, just hanging 🙂
Hand cut Giant Crossed Rug
Inspired by Eichholtz’s rugs, this carpet was custom made by Shine Rugs in natural cowhide for a very special client
Tupe Chevron Rug in a dark living room
The pattern of a Chevron will let the eye naturally know where to focus, for example, a big window

Decorating with a Chevron Rug can be easy if you find the right area rug for you. Do you have a favorite Chevron rug in mind? Would love to hear about it!





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