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Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug

Our Gray Leather Area Rug Chevron Design No. 276

Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug

One of my favorite patterns and definitely one of our best sellers!

It’s easy to realize why the Gray Chevron Patchwork Cowhide Rug is such a great addition to any style of decor. A classic pattern, especially selected high quality hides, handcraft at its best.

What I particularly love about this leather area rug is the fact that it gives direction and elongates any room with its “arrow” like patches.

Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug Chevron Design
Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug Chevron Design

We customize every single one of our rugs, and every patch is hand-picked, finding the perfect spot to keep the whole area balanced and mellow.





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