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Cowhide Decor: Chairs, Ottomans and Poufs

Selection of cowhide upholstered chairs, ottomans and poufs by Shine Rugs

Cowhide Decor: Chairs, Ottomans and Poufs

Cowhide is such a versatile and useful material. If properly tanned and taken care of, it will last a lifetime, and constant use will make it settle and get a perfect look.

I love how ingenious some manufacturers are with this material. There’s also the DIY genius that takes it up a nudge on their own hands, ending up with wonderful results.

I’ve made a selection of the coolest, nicest and boldest looks on Pinterest right now.

We customize every rug and lots of times work with designers to give them a section of full cowhide or a patchwork cowhide layout to send to the upholsterer when they come up with one of these amazing ideas. I love helping designers achieve their visions, super satisfying!

Cowhide Chairs

I decided to start with the best chairs around. Cowhide is not always rustic and western. It can give you a very high-end look with little effort.

I love how these examples show spots, freckles, special parts of wonderful hides, making each element unique and unrepeatable.

cowhide upholstered chairs by Shine Rugs
Hip cowhide upholstered chairs

Cowhide Ottomans

Ottomans are a great addition to any room. Their small size allows you to add them to a corner, a small and naked part of a living room, a kids’ playroom or even a bedroom.

Here you’ll see how these simple and classic shapes turn into a centerpiece (or at least, a conversation-starter item!)

cowhide upholstered ottomans by Shine Rugs
Add some swag with a cowhide upholstered ottoman

Cowhide Poufs

These poufs and stools will certainly make a statement. They are all very close to the floor, but nonetheless, they are super visible and notorious.

Never underestimate the amazing power of a pouf. they are comfortable, kid friendly and show a youthful and playful side, no matter how formal and classic your decor is.

cowhide upholstered poufs by Shine Rugs
A selection of beautiful cowhide upholstered poufs

Have an idea and you now need a hair-on-hide for a project? Contact us, we’ll help you out! 🙂




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