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My Favorite Etsy Shops: Yellow Summer Edition

Shine Rugs' Favorite Etsy Shops: Yellow Summer Edition

My Favorite Etsy Shops: Yellow Summer Edition

I’ve been cruising the greatness of Etsy once again, inevitable.

This time, with a lively Summer mood in mind, I found a lovely collection of perfect yellow items to add a splash of life and joy to your life… Even after the Summer is over!

Shine Rugs' Favorite Etsy Shops: Yellow Summer Edition

Why we love these stores:

Mesh Cloud: 3D printed decor. Need I say more? This store is so awesome, inspiring and different. Honestly, I’m head over heels…

Skysetter Mobiles: Those Calder vibes, OMG, gimme gimme!

Wake The Tree: Handmade, detailed, perfect modern furniture… and yes, I’m a total sucker for mid-century style.

Mutating Creatures: Aussie gorgeous sustainable lamps = Count me in. Their style is simple, their details are perfect. You can definitely see there’s a designer’s hand behind their products!

Palermo Body: Absolutely lovely! Pure, natural skin care products… All magical words, right? So delicate and refreshing, just perfect!

Inkling Scents: Natural, decadent scents. Alcohol free, super durable… I love this store!

Christy Obalek: Sweet and lovely paintings. Christy is a true artist, and her tender and sweet hand shows through her work!

Shine Rugs: We manufacture custom Patchwork Cowhide Rugs.

Aardvark Jewellery: A family jewelry business. So delicate and perfect, just dreamy. Stunning!

Marquis Weaves: Handmade wovern decor goods. I love custom and/or unique pieces, and this is just what they do!





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