Tips: The Art Of Designing Small Living Rooms

How to style a small living rooms

Tips: The Art Of Designing Small Living Rooms

What do you think about small spaces? Do you feel like your living room is too small, or like everything is cramped or looks heavy and full? There are definitely a few tips to make any room look larger, or at least, comfortable, welcoming and warm!

Gray Leather Area Rug Chevron Design No. 276 in a sweet little living room
White, gray and marble always look bright and modern. A Gray Leather Area Rug Chevron Design No. 276 adds style and a classy look!

Adding an area rug to a room takes a little planning, especially if your room is small, as a rug can totally make or break a whole room! When working with small spaces, you have to be super careful about each piece, giving them a special place so they can be noticed and admired.

Small living room in light gray tones paired with a White and Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug No. 252
This small living room has a curated selection of candles and vases that fit perfectly with the color scheme and style. The dark lamp shade gives it a modern look, contrasting with the resto of the tones.

When choosing an area rug for your room, there are a few simple rules:

-Keep at least 18 inches of bare floor between the rug’s edges and your walls.

-Larger rugs can make a room look bigger.

-Decide whether you like your furniture to be outside your rug; or if you like to have your sofa’s front legs on top of your rug. A third option is to have all your furniture on top of your rug, but this is a decision that suits bigger rooms better.

Taupe patchwork cowhide rug in a small living room with pops of yellow and a dark wall
A pop of color, a dark wall and a gorgeous Taupe Gray Leather Area Rug Envelope Design No. 290. Taupe adds a lot of warmth while being stylish and bold.

Some more ideas:

Store it! Cabinets, shelves and boxes can help keep the space clean and visually open. This is a plus when dealing with a small space, you don’t want it to look cramped and busy!

Yellow and teal living room with a beige, cream and gray patch hide rug
A Striped Beige, White and Gray Patch Cowhide Rug No. 249 gives texture and warmth to this small living room with lively colors.

A pop of color can go a long way. Instead of painting your walls or upholstering that entire sofa in a bright and bold color, try small pops of color here and there. This will keep the space clean and the details will catch the eye, giving focal points to the entire room.

Beige Moorish Star Patchwork Cowhide Rug in a calm and bright small living room
Beige Patchwork Cowhide Rug Moorish Star Design No. 270 gives a small living room in cream tones a lot of personality without being out of tune

All these magnificent small living rooms came from the almighty Pinterest. Check our “Small Living Room” Board for more inspiration! 🙂




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