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Pink Decor: The Adult Way To Do It

Pink Decor, The Adult Way To Do It, by Shine Rugs

Pink Decor: The Adult Way To Do It

Pink is tricky. Is the color that you either love or hate. But done the right way, it can be warm, soft and elegant, without being childish or overly sweet.

I love how pink rooms are created by using the right balance of the chosen shade of pink + a group of neutral tones to bring it down to Earth and keep it gamorous.

Of course, an interior designer works wonders when pink is on the table, as they can get the right amounts and the perfect pieces to balance everything out.

And even though it may seem overly feminine, it can be gender neutral as well.

I’ve seen my fare share of pink decor perfection, and also -unfortunately- pink explosion fiascos.

But here are the best picks, from living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms that won’t make anyone feel emasculated any time soon!

Going Pink In The Center Of The Home

Your living room and dining room can say a lot about you. Especially if you’re decided to go bold with pink, even in the softest tones. Don’t forget to add some neutrals to the mix, together with a pop of another color to cut the sweetness. Maybe a touch of an acid yellow or clashy blue will do the trick in a second, and there you go, a victorious, vivid pink room!

Tons of Tiles Of Pink Love

Pink kitchens are surprising, and a great room of the home to make a statement. If you like to cook and feel like this is your space, going with pink tiles or walls can bring so much softness to the whole space. Adding some brass or gold tones everything down and gives texture and shine to a clean space.

Pinking Up The Toilet

How about going with pink decor in the bathroom? It’s a great idea when you’re craving for a pink room but can’t find it in your head to paint all your walls pink and re-upholster your sofas!

A pink toilet can be welcoming and fun, without being too sweet or childish. There are many hues of pink to go for, and choosing the softest and lightest tones will definitely get the job done!

Go To Bed With A Pinkish Hue

Ok, I got a waterfall of Seinfeld moments with this one, but using soft pastel pink in the bedroom, even if your hubby seems reluctant, can be soothing, warm and help you rest better.

It’s definitely the perfect way to wake up with that rosy glow.

Pink Up Your Floors!

Pink tones and hues will work on your floors as an area rug can give a room a lot of personality and expression without being too invasive.

It doesn’t have to be 100% pink, there are so many options in soft tones and details, you can always go for a soft, elegant look without getting a Barbie doll vibe.

If Everything Else Fails, Go With The Details!

If you’re still hesitating, you can always start small with beautiful decor details. Flowers, vases, books, small deco items, and even appliances will get you started in the pink path!


So there you have it, the best way around Pink Decor and how to do it the adult way!




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