Tips And Tricks – Style: Go Pink And Green

Pink and green selection by Shine Rugs

Tips And Tricks – Style: Go Pink And Green

Pink and green. I swoon over this color combination. Every time I see a pink wall I instantly imagine an emerald green sofa. A green velvet cushion? Give me a pink blanket! It’s wonderful and it has an elegant feel about it, even when the setting is super modern or bohemian.

It’s chic, it’s pink, it’s green… It’s amazing!

Pink walls and green furniture and wall art
Pink walls with green furniture and wall art!
Green and pink leaves wallpaper, neon sign and emerald sofa
Can’t get over the tropical, fresh wallpaper

The pink + green look pairs perfectly with gold and brass, as an elegant replacement for yellow tones, which can give this look a more modern and updated kick

Pink and dark green plates with golden cutlery
Gold always ties everything together

Green palm leaves and pink wall

I would stay forever at this bar:

Pink walls, arches, green bar and a pop of yellow
Add a pop of yellow and you have a winning combo! Photo by: @raises_eyebrows
Emerald and pink soft sofas and leaves wallpaper
Hobo chic, can’t get enough!

A room like this one makes a statement and defines the look perfectly. To add a touch of softness and warmth, I would pair this room with a Dark Beige Patchwork Cowhide Rug

dark floral wallpaper in a bedroom. Tones of emerald green and pink hues with green bedding
Incredible floral wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper. Way to make a statement!

You don’t always need to go big to make a statement. Sometimes just by adding a few details you can achieve the look. For example, in this bedroom, they chose a few pillows in pink and emerald green and a small print in he same hues:

Wall art, brass bed and pink + green cushions
…It’s in the details

Big or small, this look is certainly not a fad, and it’s here to stay!

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