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Custom Project: Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rugs In Squares

Custom Project: Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rugs In Squares

This one may sound obvious, or way too simple, but the many, many times we’ve done them, have always been custom and especially ordered.

The leather area rug in Squares in gray tones is a big deal. Gray natural cowhide is always very special and unique, so every rug in squares will always be tremendously one-of-a-kind. And I love that!

Gray patchwork cowhide rug in squares during the assembly process
Assembling each individual patch, right before the stitching process

We hand select each hide, cut them in square tiles and then hand-select (again) each patch and place them in the correct place to achieve the wanted look. So yes, it’s a very handcrafted process, only done by experienced leather artisans, right at our own factory!

Oh, and we only use the best parts of each hide, so there are no “bad” parts in any rug.

Top view of a gray leather area rug in 8 inch squares
Various tones of plain gray for this one in 8 inch tiles

Custom square tile rugs can be done in any size from 2″ to 16″ or even more (we’ve done them in 24″ tiles, just incredible!) depending on what each interior designer needs for their clients’ special space.

Gray brindle in also a very special hide color. We’ve made a bunch of these special orders!

As I stated earlier, gray hides are very special. Sometimes we’ll select plain hides, and sometimes the special touch will come from selecting all brindle hides for the leather area rugs.

Top view of a gray leather area rug in squares with a wide border
A border adds limits and a finishing detail to area rugs. Sometimes we add one, sometimes we prefer the rugs without them!

Borders! Oh, yes, a border will almost always work (sometimes it makes no sense, for example, if your rug’s edges are going to be completely placed under sofas, chair, etc) but most times, a border will give your area rug a finishing touch.

One could go for a fine, delicate 1 inch border; or a thick 3 to 4 inches border. This one will for sure make a statement!

Top view of a gray patchwork cowhide rug in squares with a wide border
Fancy shmancy 3″ wide border
Detail view of a patchwork cowhide rug in square tiles, all made in gray natural hides
Hello, perfect variation!
Top view of a modern living room with a gray patchwork cowhide rug and marble table
A gorgeous patchwork cowhide rug in 8 inch tiles, all made in various tones of natural gray hides





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