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How To: Style Your Sheepskin Like A Pro

Detail of a fluffy perfect sheepskin

How To: Style Your Sheepskin Like A Pro

Can you say “soft“?

That’s the exact and perfect definition of a sheepskin. You can almost feel the softness of a sheep skin when looking at one, even if it’s just a photo. And once you get your hands on them… There’s no going back!

Be it as it may, they accept many different uses:

As an area rug– For your feet, oh my God, like walking on a cloud.

On a chair / armchair /sofa / bed– Your whole body feels comfy and warm and so good!

We take pride on being cowhide specialists, but we do work with the highest quality sheepskins. We give them the best tanning processes to achieve perfection. And they are hypoallergenic, which means our sheep rugs are completely safe for babies and kids, hence the ton of Pinterest nursery photos flooded with sheepskins.

Even if it’s a single white sheepskin or an octo area rug, they are always gorgeous.

Here are our top picks:

Sheepskin x8 to create a huge area rug
Octo sheepskin, huge and super soft. Photo cred: The Decorista

Warm nook with sheepskin and plants
Gorgeous spot, the sheepskin brings so much warmth. Photo cred: Moon to Moon
Tall ceiling living room with a big sheepskin rug
This house gets instantly warm and cozy. Sheepskins are everything! Photo: Daily Dream Decor
Incredible chic and boho mix dinning room with sheepskins on the chairs.
Incredible chic and boho mix for this dinning room. Photo: My Domain
Window nook with sheepskins on sitting area
Fantastic space made super cozy by the sheepskins. Photo: Pinterest
Tiny bedroom with a sheepskin next to the bed
A hairy sheepskin gives this tiny bedroom the perfect finishing touch. Photo: Decoist
Dreamy nursery with striped ceiling and sheepskin rug
Dreamy nursery with an oversized sheepsking area rug. Photo: The Glow

The sheepskin is versatile and fits perfectly in any kind of decor, from chic to industrial.





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