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My Favorite Etsy Shops – Interior Design Edition

Our favorite etsy shops, selection of interior design

My Favorite Etsy Shops – Interior Design Edition

I love cruising around Etsy searching for that perfect item that I really, really need, or that item that I don’t and will never need but absolutely crave. Most times, it’s the latter, but it’s oh-so-worth-it!

I think it’s one of my favorite places to shop. People on Etsy are always so nice and the community is super helpful. We also have a shop, and we always get the best questions, requests and comments!

So, I decided to put together my favorite shops of the moment, some kind of gigantic bookmark…

Selection of our favorite Etsy shops

Why we love these shops:

KNOTSstudio: We love this shop’s look. The fabrics used for the knots are beautiful.

KarmanUpholstery: They carry mid century style furniture. What’s not to love?

Gymnastes: Lighting shop to enlighten your life. Fantastic.

Magic Linen: This shop has the most amazing linens. A very romantic, yet classic and natural look. I’m in love!

Good Day Doormats: Personalized door mats. They have some seriously comic designs

Hook And Stem Co: Gorgeous planters and accessories. Truly beautiful, truly stylish

Studio Pillows: Fantastic fabrics, perfect for any kind of decor!

Amy Hamley Ceramics: Delicate, incredible and dreamy ceramics. I almost can’t believe my eyes.

The Windsor Workshop: Amazing wooden work!





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