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My Favorite Etsy Shops: Labor Day Edition

Labor Day Etsy Favorite shop selection from Shine Rugs

My Favorite Etsy Shops: Labor Day Edition

Etsy is having their first Labor Day Sale, and many shops (ours included!) are offering some great discounts. Sounds great, huh?

We’ve made a nice selection of amazing shops with great discounts to swoon over and click all the way through to the checkout!

Shine Rugs selection of beautiful items for Labor Day from Etsy shops
Favorite shops and discounts for this Labor Day!
  • Minimalist Ceramic flower Vase by Yahalomis – $51.50 $103.00
  • 80”x80” Super Chunky Blanket by Pink Unicorn Studio –  $408.62 $510.77
  • Modern Geometric Edison Bulb Lamp by Wayne Works – $175.50 $195.00
  • Fold Bowl Hanging Porcelain Planters by Taylor Ceramics – $64.60 $76.00
  • Black Leather Bag by Veinage – $154.34 $205.79
  • Round rustic floor cushions by Gras Shanghai – $24.60+ $32.80
  • Office desk, mid century modern by MoWdwrk – $551.32 $648.62
  • Large tropical floor pouf in palm leaf fabric by Anitas Casa – $144 $160
  • Baby’s Breath Flower Crown by VintageVoisin – $16.80 $21.00
  • Gray, Beige, White Leather Area Rug Stripes Design No. 249 by Shine Rugs – starting at $819

Why we love these shops:

Yahalomis: Gorgeous ceramics, all handmade, contemporary… and perfect.

Pink Unicorn Studio: Incredible chunky blankets, these are the best I’ve found. All made in Merino wool, so delicate. also, they have a beautiful selection of colors.

Wayne Works: I love that Tyler, the shop owner, is a Mechanical Engineer. He knows his stuff and his passion for building really shows off through his creations.

Taylor Ceramics: Amazing organic ceramics. Their planters are different and original. Such creativity is always worth taking a look at!

Veinage: Noble materials and a vintage feel. These bags are fresh and designed to overcome any temporary fashion trend for many, many years.

GrasShanghai: Family is everything here. They weave their own products, which I find so nice and special, knowing there’s a piece in your home that was made especially for you.

MoWdwrk: Handmade furniture. Their Scandi style has me going crazy. Simple, elegant, durable and delicate. Super chic!

Anitas Casa: Her fabrics are so much fun. Tropical leaves and geometric patterns, hot pink and neon borders as a finishing detail, just love it!

VintageVoisin: Boho and rustic accessories. so sweet and romantic, just love them!





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