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Artist’s Home Tour

White Kata patchwork cowhide rug

Artist’s Home Tour

We had the pleasure of touring one of our client’s home. He owns  a horse ranch in Texas, where he spends his days painting and caring for his animals.

This is a travelling family, they love seeing the world and they always come back home with a little souvenir, an antique, a little gem.

All these memories, mixed with lots of family antiques, create a unique style, together with the relaxed and cool country feel of their surroundings.

Shine Rugs touring Texas Ranch
Arriving at the ranch

The ranch has a lot of open spaces, it has been remodeled a couple of times over the many years it’s been a part of the family.

The artist’s den is a part of the rest of the house. He has many littler memories around, together with some old green bottles that perfectly match the color of the windows an wooden doors, also painted in an aqua green tone.

His den is limited by an amazing tri-color cowhide rug. It was chosen specifically for this place, a very special white hide with a few small spots in various tones.

They are always looking for vintage memories, as this old milk bottle basket, filled with old liquor bottles, caramel colored glass and some grandma style crystal bottles.

Artist´s den with cowhide rug looking out the window
Artist´s den. He created a limit to this space with a spotted cowhide rug

They chose neutral tones to go with the rest of the house, adding texture and softness to the stone floors.

Artist's Room - ShineRugs
Old bottles from around the world, contained in an old milk-bottle basket

The family chose a Cream Kata Patchwork Cowhide Rug for the dinning room. It was a bold move, a very modern and eclectic pattern that gave lots of life and a sassy, fun touch to the room.

White Kata Patchwork Cowhide Rug
Two sides of the same story. The Kata Patchwork Cowhide Rug in white

A beautiful and classic design marks the entry of the house: a White and Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug in Stripes No. 252, our most classic and timeless design, was chosen for the entry of the main room. It marks out the area of the center of the room and the entrance to the rest of the house. They chose these neutral tones to go with the rest of the house as it’s filled with many earthy and deep tones from all over the world, adding texture and softness to the stone floors.

The antique furniture and the handmade little pieces all come together around this big leather area rug, which does not go unnoticed.

White and Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug in Stripes
White and Gray Patchwork Cowhide Rug in Stripes used as a shocking piece in the main room

The wooden details of all possible tones can be found around the house, giving it a very hearty, lovable feel.

White and gray patchwork cowhide rug and stool detail
Detail of the small handmade wooden stool and patchwork cowhide rug

The master bedroom is all about lavender, whites and soft blue hues. The soft drapes let the natural light shine through, allowing for a very luminous room.

Antique cabinet with mirror
The antique cabinet gives the main bedroom more storage space, and the big mirror reflects the light around the room

A clear wood four post bed as the centerpiece of the bedroom, a vintage cabinet and soft blue tones that can be found everywhere in the room show off the tranquil and relaxed state of this room, exactly what they were looking for.

Master bathroom
The master bathroom has a vintage tub, antique floor tiles and different items hanging on the walls

The bathrooms have all been remodeled, but they have kept some old tiles and vintage details to make bubble-time more up close and personal.

Ranch entry
Leaving the ranch

It was a pitty having to leave, but we were certainly left with lots of memories from this magical place.





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