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My Favorite Etsy Shops – Hygge Edition

My Favorite Etsy Shops – Hygge Edition

As specified on hygge house, Hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming or special.

Hygge literally only requires consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present.

That’s why so many people distill ‘hygge’ down to being a ‘feeling’ – because if you don’t feel hygge, you probably aren’t using the word right.

hygge definition

And this week we have selected our favorite Etsy shops and some of their amazing products which relate to this cozy feeling. We’re loving it!

Feel the warmth:

Wonderful and cozy selection of hygge items by Shine Rugs





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