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7 Leather Area Rugs To Brighten Up Your Dark Floors

Detail of a creamy white Toto patchwork cowhide rug

7 Leather Area Rugs To Brighten Up Your Dark Floors

Dark floors. I adore them… when done right!

A dark floor can bring so much style to a room, it’s incredible.

But sometimes a room can get too dark and dense, and a patchwork cowhide rug in light colors can bring so much texture and brightness.

Here are our favorite picks to brightening up any room with dark floors, which combine with basically any kind of decor and styles:

Photo of a concrete floor living room with a white chevron patchwork cowhide rug
A whote Chevron cowhide patchwork rug brings a lot of texture to a shiny concrete floor

(Photo by: &tradition)

All these creamy, light beige and off-white tones add a lot of texture and bring lots of light to any room.

Photo of an open layout living room and white diamond patchwork cowhide rug
A white patch cowhide rug in our rectangular Diamond pattern matched with a dark herringbone wooden floor

(Photo taken from DigsDigs)

I love combining classic chevron or herringbone style floors with modern patterns.

White triangles patchwork cowhide rug and a dark bedroom with herringbone wooden floors
An off-white triangle pattern KATA leather area rug mixed with a dark floors in herringbone natural wood and dark teal walls

(Photo from Ultralinx)

Triangles are simple, geometric shapes with a fresh and modern look without looking too busy. And the hair that points in different directions adds so much texture and reflect the light in different ways for a super special finish.

Dark stone floor entry with a bright gray and white leather area rug in Stripes
Beautiful dark stone flooring revive with a bright gray & white leather area rug in Stripes

(Stone floor from Mandarin Stone)

Classic Stripes are always a total WIN! They give directionality and elongate any room. But they also look stylish, modern, yet classic.

Dark concrete floor dining room with a creamy star patterned patchwork cowhide rug
A Moorish Star cowhide patch rug in creamy whites brings a lot of light and texture to a plain concrete floor

(Photo by &tradition)

Adding a leather area rug in plain colors but a busy pattern will always help staying between the same kind of style without getting too “crazy”. Our Moorish Star in creamy whites is a perfect example of that.

Beige patchwork cowhide rug in Stripes and a dark floored kitchen
We chose a beige, cream and light beige patchwork cowhide rug in Stripes for a very dark floor with light wooden furniture

(Source Fresh Home)

When all your walls are painted in a crisp white, a light beige rug will combine a lot better without competing with the walls.

Dark wooden floor bedroom and a Toto patchwork cowhide rug in creamy white
Dark wooden floors in a bedroom and a texture-rich Toto patchwork cowhide rug in creamy white

(Photo from Aestatestudio)

A very important part of the magic a leather area rug has is that hair reflects and refracts light and the colors around it. So for a dark floor and a dark room, a bright and light area rug will even out all the tones in the room.

We love them! 🙂




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