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How To: Style Your Home Office With A Cowhide Area Rug

How To Style Your Home Office With A Cowhide Rug

How To: Style Your Home Office With A Cowhide Area Rug

Two words that I really love how they go together are “Home Office”

Add a cowhide area rug and your home office goes from nice to gorgeous-place-to-work-and-hang-even-when-you-don’t-need-to in seconds!

The softness and uneven shape give a relaxed feel and the hair adds tons of texture. Plus, it’s always nice to have something soft under your feet (let’s face it, at your home studio you won’t be wearing shoes 100% of the time)

Here are some perfect examples on how to make that cowhide rug work in your favor while you work, right there, at home:

Gray cowhide area rug on wooden floors in a bright, calm home office
Photo sf girl by bay

Mixing different tones of wood and different era styles works great if it’s subtle. It looks fresh and effortless, allowing you to use the best pieces you can find.

The gray hide on this photo helps blend the vintage desk with the chaise and the 50’s chair.

Brown cowhide rug with white floor and wooden ceiling in a winter cottage
Photo house and home

This brown hide warms up the whole room. The white floors are fantastic, but can seem too cold around all the wood. The great addition is the white chair that brings together the whole room by adding contrast between the gorgeous chocolate brown hide and the floor.

White walls and furniture with warm brown and white cowhide area rug
Photo style at home

Details, details, details! The orange little touches here and there with all the white are tied up by the fiery orange / brown tones on this hide.

Home office with dark floor, white walls and a huge albino white cowhide rug
Photo elle decor

Lovely to the extreme, the white ceiling/walls here make this home office seem a lot bigger than it really is, and the white cowhide rug on the dark floor reflect tons of light.

Dark walls, fresh flowers and natural fabrics for this elegant home office with a gray cowhide rug
Photo driven by decor

Love the layering here. Natural fibers and a natural hide lighten up the dark walls. And fresh flowers always help!

Hot pink cowhide area rug in a cool home office
Photo decor pad

Fun and fresh: this hot pink cowhide rug turn this sweet studio into a bold daring home office!

Pale pink walls in a tiny home office with a gray cowhide rug
Photo concepts and colorways

Working with such a small room, the crystal clear legs on the bench were a very wise decision, while the cowhide rug give the room a scale and make it look longer and larger than it really is.

Below you can see how the dark snorkel blue contrasts with the white walls making the room seem larger. And the perfect white spotted cowhide rug does the rest.

Navy, white and a soft grey cowhide area rug for this lovely home office
Photo this old house

As a final detail, I want to add that you may have noticed on all these photos that the cowhides are set on an angle, instead of being parallel to the desk or walls.

This is the way to set your hide. Using it parallel to the walls will the room a more “stiff” look, so tilt it a bit, just like a pro! 

Do you have a home office? Would you soften the look with a hide?


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