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Home Office Decor: Cowhide Rug Edition

Home Office and Cowhide Rugs

Home Office Decor: Cowhide Rug Edition

This past year has been many things. But when it comes to interior decor, it was definitely the year of the Home Office.

Mostly everyone, everywhere had to work from home at one time or the other, and some are still doing so. In the heat of the moment we all saw many improvised offices, people working from bed, Zoom chats rooms filled with screaming kids and what not.

But once we got our mind and body together, we saw some really elaborate home offices sprouting everywhere. Some already had a room dedicated to this, others just had to do with what space they had.

And what a better way to feel at home and cozy in your office, than decorating it just like you want to?

We are big fans of adding a cowhide rug to a small to medium sized room. And a home office is the perfect spot for them, as they bring warmth without being too overwhelming, and the fact that every hide is different from the next, makes them a unique and special item to be cherished.

Gorgeous black floors with a beige cowhide bringing light and texture to the whole room by CB2

Create Contrast

Contrasting colors (light vs. dark, or soft tones vs. a bright, loud color) can give you that perfect “pop” that sometimes gives life to a whole room.

The example above, with the dark wall and floors really get highlited by the soft beige cowhide rug which not only adds texture and a relaxed look, but also adds some warmth to an otherwise formal setting.

Incredible homey home office for two! By Jess Ann Kirby

Combine It And Make It Yours

Wether you’re going for a black and white classic style, or a combination of soft beige and gold, adding a cowhide rug that matches the rest of your decor will give you softness and ease.

The home office below combines soft cream -almost white, but not quite- with golden tones and a medium tone of wood on the chairs and picture frame.

The cowhide area rug fits perfectly in this room, as it brings all these tones together in a soft and enticing way.

Stylish! Brown Taupe and White Cowhide Rug over a gray rug, extra texture by JK Interior Living

The Manly Approach

A serious, masculine approach by Man Of Many

These two examples (above and below) use their cowhide rug to bring a relaxed look to these otherwise manly, formal settings.

The area hide rug set in an angled position give both rooms the exact flexibility and inviting feeling they need.

Interesting wall art and a rich, dark chocolate brown cowhide rug by Robert Elliott Homes

Black And White All The Way

The example below has all the lovelies together! The rustic and industrial modern look, the perfection of that mantle, the golden and brass details in the exact amount -not too much, just perfeclty balanced-, the round mirror, the amount of black and small details to make it a perfect space to get creative and get a good days work all DONE!

BUT, oh, that hide, all parallel to the desk, makes the whole room look super tidy and controlled. Giving it just a little tilt would make evrything feel and look a bit more relaxed.

Nevertheless, it’s such a perfect example on how to use a black and white cowhide rug, that it’s almost impossible not to stare at it for hours!

Industrial modern? Love the tile and the black, and how the Holstein hide plays a part in the selection of color. Just remember to tilt your cowhide rug a little bit, so it doesn’t look too posed! Via Studio Sheppard

Finally, Take Home Message…

Small, cute and cozy… via Greylyne Wayne

Using a cowhide rug that will create some contrast between your floors and the rug itself is a great idea to add texture in an interesting way.

Remember cowhide rugs are super rustic and durable and will stand the pass of time beautifully.

And who doesn’t like to work barefoot and feel the softness of a rug at their feet?!

Gray and Beige light toned home office with beige cowhide rug
Soft and airy via White Glam

Finally, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: you may have noticed that in most of these photos the hides are set on an angle, instead of being parallel to the desk.

This is the correct way to set your hide. Setting it parallel to the walls will always make the room look more rigid or hard in some way, so tilt it just a bit, #likeapro! 

Home Office and Cowhide Rugs

Home Office Decor: Cowhide Rug Edition

This past year has been many things. But when it comes to interior decor, it was definitely the year of the Home Office…




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