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All Your Patchwork Cowhide Rug Questions, Answered

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All Your Patchwork Cowhide Rug Questions, Answered

Many times new clients have had the same questions and doubts, so I decided to go ahead and post a few of their frequently asked questions, in an extended version.

These are the most common doubts and questions that come up when someone is thinking about buying their first patchwork cowhide rug. The most frequent questions are the ones concerning day to day life, kids, pets, cleaning and maintenance. Here are some of them:

What should I do once I receive my new patchwork cowhide rug?

Your leather area rug will be folded for delivery. The leather has been through some “stress” and has created some folds and creases. Just open your brand new patch cowhide rug and install it at its new spot. All the creases will go away once the leather has been given some time to relax, and it WILL lay flat. Take into consideration this process may take a few days, but they will go away.

How do I flatten my cowhide patchwork rug once it’s delivered? Is there anything I can do?

Just lay your rug flat, it will need some time to relax after it is unfolded.
Any creases will come out after a few days of laying flat.
You can help speed up the process by applying heavy weight on your rug. Some ideas: use books, magazines, an upside-down table, another rug or heavy blanket. These all work. Or just leave it be, it will flatten down by itself in due time.

What’s the best way to take care of my cowhide patchwork rug?

Our cowhide patchwork rugs are made with high quality, properly tanned hides, making them very resistant, durable and rustic.
Your rug doesn’t need any special care or cleaning products. Just include your cowhide patch rug in your normal cleaning routine; once in a while you can simply give it a shake outside to remove dust particles.
You can gently vacuum your rug regularly, lightly sucking out dust and dirt particles. Please be careful to use your vacuum without any extra brushes attached, as this can tangle or ruin the hair.
(I will definitely extend this section in a future post, but cleaning your leather area rug is a super easy task)

What should I do if I spill something on my patch cowhide rug?

You can wipe your leather area rug’s hair smoothly in the direction of the hair with a cloth dampened in mild soap and water.
Do not soak the cowhide.
DO NOT wash in a washing machine or dry clean.
For common spills like coffee, tea, juice, wine or food: soak up liquid spills with a paper towel, removing any solid matter beforehand by scraping gently in the direction of the hair with a flat object. Afterwards wipe the cowhide hair with a damp cloth using a solution of mild soap and water.
Your rug is amazingly durable, so don’t be afraid of living it in. Kids can play on the rug and toys won’t ruin it.
You can eat and have common food spills on your rug, and it will be very easy to clean.

I have a pet and I’m afraid it will ruin the rug. Can I still have a patchwork cowhide rug at home?

Before you start thinking about getting rid of Bobby or living in an empty house, let me tell you: Pets love cowhide! Just let them be. They will usually find their favorite napping spot and will go back to it for ages! If your pet gets your rug dirty, just use a damp cloth with a water-soap solution to clean the rug and let it dry completely.
Your pets can roll on it and nothing will happen, so don’t worry.

Pet safe patchwork cowhide rugs
Our rugs are not only pet-safe, you’ll also find your pets will LOVE it!

What if I have a big, big party at home?

If you’re having a lot of people walking and dancing on your rug, you can tape it down to the floor by using double-sided tape. This won’t ruin your rug at all, we’ve done it a thousand times at shows and high traffic areas. Designers do this all the time, it’s a simple, fast and very useful solution.

What if my rug is placed in a very high traffic area? (i.e. a hotel lobby, a corridor, a clubhouse, a hallway)

Same as with a big house party, you can tape it down to the floor by using double-sided tape. This won’t ruin your rug at all, we’ve done it a thousand times at shows and high traffic areas.

I’d like to add an under-pad. I think I might need it. Should I do it?

We don’t recommend using any kind of under pads for our rugs. The special backing or natural soft suede on your patchwork cowhide rug have amazing grip to any kind of floors. That being said, if you’re an under-pad-fan, just try it for a couple of weeks/months without the pad before deciding on buying one. And if you do, go for the slimmest kind you can find.

Why is the rug so “thin”? I thought it would be fluffy and thick!

Your rug is made out of real, natural cowhides. For these kinds of area rugs we have a motto: the thinner, the better. You don’t want to kick and trip on your leather area rug, and we don’t add extra thickness in any way, respecting the style of the original, natural material.

Will the hair shed in time?

No. When a cowhide is properly tanned the hair will not shed or fall out. Be careful not to leave your rug damp or wet for a long time, as this will not be beneficial for the hair and the leather. In case your patchwork cowhide rug gets wet and you’re in a hurry, I’d recommend using a hair dryer to help it dry faster. Just remember not to push the nozzle against the hair, just blow the air at a regular distance, around 6 inches.

Let’s talk money: How can you keep your prices and give me the best quality?

Easy. We own the tannery and the factory, no third party involved. You are getting prime quality at direct from factory prices. We count with the best quality hides worldwide and by owning and controlling the whole process, we have eliminated the annoying step of having the rugs go through countless hands. This one is coming directly from the factory to your home.

I have a photo, sketch, design, idea I’d like to have customized. Can you help me?

Yes, always. We love seeing new models come to life through you. If you are a designers or just have a great idea you’d like to see come to life, send us your photo, sketch or drop us a few lines and we’ll work on it. We have customized thousands of rugs. You can see some of them here:

What’s your lead time?

Our rugs are completely custom made to order.
We have a lead time of 22 business days for our classic designs. If your order is a custom or special rug, we’ll be in touch at all times to let you know your lead time, but we like to have them ready as soon as we can so you can have it home as soon as possible. Trust us, we always like to hear from a happy customer!

I’d like to get more information, how can I contact you?

You can always send us a message to or give us a call to (415) 404-6638

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