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Custom Project: Patch Cowhide Rug in Huge Squares

Custom Sized Square Tiles Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

Custom Project: Patch Cowhide Rug in Huge Squares

We make a lot of square tiles patchwork cowhide rugs. They look great with every and any kind of furniture, and especially, any kind of flooring.

Always a classic, the Square tiles are a safe way to show off your originality. You don’t need a complex pattern, as the beautiful hair reflects and refracts a lot of light, making your rug unique in its own way. How? Well, a white leather area rug will give you so much texture and will add a los of brightness to your room, but also, it will reflect the colors around it. If you have a colorful home, your white rug will look warm. If your home is crisp white, your rug will blend and look very smooth.

So, squares. We make them in any size, starting at 2×2 inches, going all the way to …whatever your imagination wants!

Here are some examples of a few past projects:

16″ squares in pure black. 100% hand-cut, handmade:

Custom patchwork rug in 16" square tiles in black cowhide

Chocolate brown is a gorgeous tone. So elegant and classy, especially when made in 18″ square tiles!

Chocolate brown patchwork cowhide rug in custom 16" square tiles

On our Instagram, 24″ square tiles for Joe, in pure white. So perfect:

These are all hand-cut and handmade especially for each client. and yes, we love them! 🙂




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