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Style: Go Big, Big, Big With Your Art!

Style: Go Big, Big, Big With Your Art!

I always find that the correct art piece will define the style of your home.

I love when a piece reflects the personality of the home owner, no matter if it’s an antique, a super expensive painting, a DIY piece, a small statuette someone brought from abroad, or an item bought at the local market.

I have two huge paintings by the same artist on my walls, and I absolutely love them. They give the whole space a bold and interesting look. (I’ll upload some photos as soon as my new patch cowhide rug is ready!)

Today, I selected some gorgeous rooms showcasing big, no, make that “huge” art pieces on the walls. They are both inspiring and audacious.

This dark and massive piece accompanies this dinning room, reflecting the owner’s personality:

Dark art piece in a bright dinning room

This fresh color scheme looks like spring, very happy and sweet. The art piece is delicately framed, which makes it stand out of the wall, but still blends perfectly with the rest of the furniture. The cowhide rug gives the whole space warmth and a relaxed look:

A fresh color scheme for a little and sweet nook

It doesn’t matter if you like classic or modern art, a white room comes to life with a colorful painting:

Neutral rooms come to life with a colorful art piece

Same story here, a neutral wall coming to life with a colorful piece:

Colorful painting on a neutral wall

A small room or hallway becomes enlarged and deep with a big painting on a wall, as the different colors add texture and depth, making everything look more distant:

Small spaces benefit from huge art on a wall, as they give you texture and depth

Have high ceilings at home? Take advantage of your spacious rooms by hanging your art really high:

Super high ceilings, art and furniture color schemes combined 

They don’t even have to be hanging on the walls:

A classic 1900’s Copenhagen apartment but with a modern twist. A classic but modern apartment appeared first on Daily Dream

A tranquil room comes to life with a massive black and white piece:

Black and white combined with soft tones of wood

Black walls are always so bold and interesting. In this case, the big art piece becomes framed by the dark walls, which are not only black, but also super glossy!

Black walls are always so interesting. This piece becomes fully framed by the bold paint choice

I find all of these so #inspiring!

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