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Let’s Talk About Pets and Leather Area Rugs

Patchwork Cowhide Rugs and your lovely pets. All cats and dogs allowed!

Let’s Talk About Pets and Leather Area Rugs

Your pets: They are a part of your family. You let them join in when you’re all gathered together and you share your life with them.

But what happens when you decide to decorate your rooms? Do you take them into consideration or you’d rather just see what happens once the room is ready?

Many times I’ve heard people super scared of their dogs ruining their cowhide patchwork rugs, a bit hesitant while deciding on a particular material, and doubtful when it comes to cowhide!

Apparently there’s a general idea that a dog or a cat will smell a cowhide and “think” it’s an animal, so it will logically start chewing on it… What?! Nothing could be further from the truth!

A dog or a cat will definitely enjoy the warmth and softness of a cowhide patchwork rug.

I’ve found most times a dog will “choose” a particular spot and make it their own: you’ll find your dog chilling in that same spot forever!

Jack Russell Ramon on a gray cowhide patchwork rug
Ramon has taken over his gray Cowhide Patchwork Rug No. 252

How about the “chewing on the rug” part?

This has nothing to do with cowhide. If your puppy chews not only on her toys, but also on your shoes, your furniture, a piece of clothing, plants, or your kids stuff, you can’t blame it on the cowhide!

Besides, once your patchwork cowhide rug is set and installed, it will become a part of your home and your pet should ignore it, just as she ignores a table, a chair or your lamps.

Note that a properly tanned cowhide will have that pleasant and recognizable leather smell, it will never be unpleasant or nasty.

Siberian Husky puppy dog on Chevron patchwork cowhide rug
Well now, Husky pup is having the time of his life on our Gray Chevron Leather Area Rug!

How about dirty paws or the occasional “accident”? 

Your patchwork cowhide rug is super durable and is able to go through any kind of ordeal! In the case of muddy paws or territorial “marking”, use some paper towels to get all the superficial dirt and soak up any kind of liquids, and then use a damp cloth -preferably lightly soaked in a soap+water solution- to clean the dirty spot.

Please avoid getting your leather area rug super wet! If this happens, use a dry cloth or more paper towels to soak up any liquids and dry it as much as possible.

A wet cowhide patchwork rug will shed its hair in time, so this is the most important part of the whole cleaning process. We have more info right here.

All in all, this can be done in a matter of seconds and your patchwork cowhide rug will look as good as new.

Kitty cat on a patchwork cowhide rug
Kitty loves her patchwork cowhide rug!

Rolling and head/nose rubbing.

This is typical dog behavior. Rolling around is supposed to be an instinctual basic behavior as they are trying to disguise themselves from a pray. But let’s face it, we’ve all seen our puppy rolling their backs on the lawn, floor or an area rug, and highly enjoying it just for the fun of it!

Nose or head rubbing could be a sign of scratching or even cleaning the face! So it’s up to you if you let them do this on your leather area rug.

Coco the Boxer dog napping on his white cowhide
Coco the Boxer dog napping on his white cowhide

Picking and scratching the rug

Cats may sometimes insist on “scratching” a patch cowhide rug, particularly the stitches. Our rugs are sturdy and rustic, but if this behavior persists as a game, it could finally end up ruining the stitches.

They can certainly play on the rug, just avoid them playing with the rug!

Boxer dog puppy on sheepskin
Cani, the Boxer puppy dog loving a cream colored sheepskin

Good news is: None of these things will ruin your patch work cowhide rug and your pet will definitely enjoy it as much as you will!





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